Course abbreviation: P_AAA
Course code:
Course duration: 3 years

Degree Course Characteristics

Aplikovana algebra a analyza Bc 04 The degree course is oriented towards advanced methods of algebra and calculus used in present-day applied mathematics. The degree course provides solid foundations for a number of mathematical disciplines and a mastery of many mathematical methods. The aim of the course is to educate specialists able to orient themselves in a wide spectrum of mathematical disciplines. Throughout the course, students are trained to approach issues independently and analytically and to use the methods mastered in natural sciences and engineering, e.g. in biology, medicine, economy, and informatics. The bachelor project is a good basis for consolidating their habits and skills of independent work. The standard duration of the degree course is 3 years.

Graduate´s Profile

Aplikovana algebra a analyza Bc 03 Knowledge:
The degree course provides firm foundations for detailed knowledge of many mathematical disciplines, stressing applied algebraic and analytical methods, and a broad general overview of theoretical physics. The offer of optional courses will extend graduate´s competency by basic theoretical and practical informatics.

The core courses on mathematics included in the degree course are as follows: calculus in real and complex fields; linear and general algebra; discrete mathematics; numerical mathematics; ordinary differential equations; basic course on functional analysis; elements of the theory of probability; mathematical statistics; equations of mathematical physics and calculus; and linear optimization. Students can also attend many optional highly specialized or application-oriented lectures of their choice.

Graduates will be creative in analyzing and solving issues of mathematical character existing in various fields of science and technology. They will also have a chance to continue their academic training in the continuing advanced degree courses and acquire some new specialized knowledge of other fields, according to the type of course they may choose. Moreover, it is understood that graduates will have developed a sense of responsibility for their work done and decisions made.

State Final Examination

  • Calculus and linear algebra – compulsory part of examination
  • Fundamentals of functional analysis – optional part of examination
  • Probability and mathematical statistics - optional part of examination

Details on the examination and its parts are subject to valid legislation and internal regulations and rules and are available at Study Programmes and Regulations.

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