Step by step guide to the Application Procedure:

  1. Submission of requested documentation

  2. Contacting possible supervisors and choosing the topic of doctoral thesis

  3. Submission of application

  4. Validation Of Foreign University Education And Qualifications

  5. Entrance interview

Application Procedure

Applications for admission to the Doctoral Programme should be submitted to the Department of Science, Research, and International Relations of the Faculty.The deadline for applications is usually twice a year and is announced regularly. In the application, the applicant should state, among other things, the chosen study programme and considered topic of the doctoral thesis (also referred to as dissertation). The duration of the PhD Programme is four years in the full-time form, or five years in the combined (part-time) form. The application must be accompanied by:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Documents verifying previous completed education and professional experience (if applicable). Degrees, diplomas, and documents obtained abroad must be officially validated.
  • A list of published works and other results of professional activity; any form of their assessment would be appreciated.

Admission Procedure to the Doctoral Study Programmes for the Academic Year 2024/2025

Application for doctoral study (to commence the study on October 1st, 2024 ) - submission from 10. 4. 2024 to 22. 5. 2024

Nuclear Safety, Security and Forensics

Mathematical Engineering

Quantum Technologies

Physical Engineering

Nuclear Engineering

Nuclear Chemistry

High-Temperature Plasma Physics and Thermonuclear Fusion in collaboration with Universiteit Gent

Requirements for admission to doctoral studies at the FNSPE

The prerequisite for admission is a completed university education, i.e. a Master´s Degree, in the same or any related field. Applicants must meet the criteria given by Higher Education Act No. 111/1998 Coll., and prove the required competence in mathematics, physics, or chemistry (as appropriate), English, and in the elected specialisation. Foreign students seeking admission to the programmes taught in the Czech language are required to prove their competence in the Czech language by passing the admission exam in Czech (Slovak applicants may answer in Slovak, as is allowed by the applicable Czech legislature).

Topics of the admission examination

Application of Software Engineering

High-Temperature Plasma Physics and Thermonuclear Fusion

Mathematical Engineering

Nuclear Chemistry

Nuclear Engineering, specialization Dosimetry and Applications of Ionizing Radiation

Nuclear Engineering, specialization Experimental Nuclear and Particle Physics

Nuclear Engineering, specialization Physics and Technology of Thermonuclear Fusion

Nuclear Engineering, specialization Reactors Studies

Nuclear Safety, Security and Forensics

Physical Engineering, specialization Physical Electronics

Physical Engineering, specialization Solid State Engineering

Physical Engineering, specialization Structure and Properties of Materials 

Quantum Technologies

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