The Faculty has been a long-term research base of the Czech Technical University and is responsible for almost a quarter of the entire scientific output of the University. Students are engaged in scientific activities under the supervision of the academic staff as early as possible after admission, which allows them to quickly produce their own results. The Faculty's academic staff cooperate with outstanding research institutions and are highly appreciated partners in research teams of various fields.

Research Fields

The general research trends of the respective departments are summarised at Research Fields.

Further information can be found at the specific web pages for each department.

Cooperation with Scientific Institution and Companies

The Faculty cooperates with numerous national and international institutions, and students regularly join programmes and courses at universities abroad or win internship places in research institutions. Further, in research and development, the Faculty researchers cooperate with many private companies. See Cooperation with Institutions.

Conferences and Workshops

The Faculty is committed to organising conferences and workshops and is also in charge of several international conferences. Moreover, most of the departments organise workshops for students, employees, and professionals. Details are avialable at Conferences and Workshops.

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