At the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, we offer a wide range of programmes that you can study. Both Bachelor's and Master's, even Doctoral programmes are taught in English and provide you with knowledge in their respective fields and a broad foundation in mathematics, physics, chemistry and computer science with employability even in medicine and banking.

You can study Nuclear and Particle Physics, Physical Engineering,  Mathematics, Informatics, Plasma and Thermonuclear Fusion, Nuclear Engineering, Chemistry, Quantum Technologies and much more. One of the most significant advantages is the ability to transfer throughout most of these fields and choose one that interests you. That way you can genuinely study what you are passionate about.

Our students are involved in the activities of departments and scientific teams early on, they master an additional foreign language and learn advanced computer technology. Many students also join university programmes abroad. Thanks to the smaller faculty size, we have a bigger professor-student ratio resulting in a more focused education and research and “family-like” relationships being formed.

There are many special laboratories and equipment at the faculty, including two nuclear reactors (fission and fusion), with the construction of the third one already underway. Chemistry laboratories, plasma and laser laboratories, radiology and dosimetry labs as well.

We know that deciding to study abroad is complicated. Not only because of the study itself, but you will be in a foreign country and city with minimal friends at the beginning and no family. On the following pages, you can find more information about your study options and how to apply. For now, we’d like to tell you something about your future life here in Prague and at CTU if you choose it as your Alma Mater.

Prague is the capital city of the Czech republic. It lies in central Europe on the river Vltava and most of the famous historical buildings are from the 14th - 17th century. However, the city itself was founded earlier. Thanks to its extraordinary history and beauty, Prague is well sawed after by tourists from all around the world. Its unique location presents a great opportunity for travel across Europe as it takes only a 5-hour flight to get to one of the furthest cities from Prague, Lisbon.

Living expenses are dependent on the district where you choose to live, but you can always apply for dorm accommodation which can lower those expenses and eat in school cafeterias which are also cheaper. The city of Prague and the Czech Republic in general offers discounts for students not only for mass transportation but also for many sports and cultural events entry tickets. In addition, CTU offers scholarships in excellency and special-purpose scholarships.

During your studies at CTU, you can take additional classes throughout the university, participate in many sports activities ranging from golf to sailing (20 sports in total) and be part of school clubs and create events for your fellow students at the faculty level even university-wide. The most popular are proms, concerts, music festivals, audio and visual centres and “get to know your fellow students event”.

If you are intrigued by our faculty please continue to the next pages with more information about study programs.

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