Education commitments of the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering include not only prospective young students, but also the public regardless of age. Besides short-term non-degree up-grading career courses for professionals, there is an offer to attend and graduate in specialised courses of the University of the Third Age. The Faculty also runs an intensive one-year course in Czech designed for foreign students intending to be admitted to a study programme offered in Czech. You can find the complete list of Activities for the Public here (in Czech only).

The Faculty offers many other kind of educational activities for high school students and their teachers but they are mostly only for Czech (or Slovak) speaking participants. You can find a list of them here: Activities for High School Students or Activities for High School Teachers.

List of course offers - details are available under each link.


In two semesters (22 hours per week) the course covers the system of Czech grammar, relevant vocabulary, phrases, and syntax. The course also includes English, Maths, Physics etc.



Lifelong learning is an important part of the education activities of the university. Within its framework, there are offered such types of education as  the professionally oriented and preparatory courses for the public etc.

Přihlašovací jméno a heslo jsou stejné, jako do USERMAP (nebo KOS).

V případě ztráty nebo zapomenutí hesla či jména se obraťte na vašeho správce IT.