The Doctoral Programme (also referred to as PhD Programme or PhD Course) is open to graduates holding a Master's Degree who want to extend their scholarly qualification in a relevant field of study. The research-oriented programme provides in-depth training for a high level of professional competence in the chosen area (see Fields of Doctoral Programme) and the ability to develop and use independently the professional knowledge and skills gained in research. The candidate for admission must have completed a relevant Master Programme (or Continuation Master Programme) and successfully passed an examination in mathematics, physics, or chemistry (as appropriate), in courses related to the elected branch of study/specialisation and in the English language.

The full-time programme includes lectures and seminars and self-study of literature. However, the most essential part of the programme is based on research under the guidance of a supervisor and preparation of the dissertation (also referred to as doctoral thesis). In the dissertation, students usually address a specific scientific problem within one of the research groups or teams at the Faculty or collaborating institution. The dissertation must demonstrate the doctoral student´s capacity for independent thought and be based on scientific scholarly research results already published or demonstrably accepted for publication in an influential journal relevant to the area of research. The programme is completed with the defence of the contents and conclusions of the dissertation at the final oral examination. The State Doctoral programme is also offered as part-time, i.e. in a five-year combined form with a possible extension to six years. Students usually cooperate closely with the institution they are affiliated with. The degree conferred on the student is Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy).

There are PhD scholarships available to students studying in English. For conditions, eligibility criteria and details of the  selection procedure see thDean's directive.

General Information

The Doctoral Programme at the FNSPE CTU in Prague is regulated by Act No. 111/1998 Coll., Study and Examination Code for the Students of CTU in Prague and relevant directives and regulations.

The Doctoral Programme is open to applicants holding a Master’s Degree or the degree of Ing. gained in the same or a related field. A decision about the candidate’s admission is made by the Dean of the Faculty and is based on the results of the admission procedure. No experience in the field nor age limit is required from candidates. Applications for admission to the Doctoral Programme are also accepted from master students in their final year of study; in this case, the admission is conditional on successful graduation. The programme is open to citizens of the Czech Republic, international applicants, and stateless persons legally residing in the Czech Republic. An applicant who has been admitted to the Doctoral Programme becomes a Doctoral Student of the Czech Technical University.

The aim of this programme is to prepare graduates for scientific or artistic creative careers. The higher qualifications obtained by graduates, including foreign language competences, greatly enhance their job opportunities.

The PhD programme is offered in a full-time or combined form. The standard duration of the full-time programme is usually 4 years, while the combined form extends for 4-6 years and can be interrupted as required. Transfer from one form of study to another is possible on the supervisor´s recommendation and the student's written request/petition submitted to the Dean. Following the supervisor´s consent and agreement of the respective Subject Area Board (Oborová rada in Czech), the programme can be completed in a shorter time. Full-time doctoral students studying at CTU are, for the duration of their studies, classified as regular tertiary students, with all associated rights and responsibilities. In both the full-time and combined forms of study, the dissertation in both forms of study must be submitted within 6 years of entry into the Doctoral Programme. Failure to do so results in dismissal from the University.

The course programme is outlined by the student’s Individual Study Plan (ISP), which designates the time allocated to coursework and specialised independent research and scientific activities combined with /related to preparation of the dissertation, training at national and international institutions, schedules of course examinations, etc. In consultation with the supervisor (appointed by the Dean of the Faculty), the student prepares a study plan to fit individual needs. The plan is subject to approval of the respective Subject Area Board. Academics nominated as supervisors are professors, associate professors (in Czech docents), or distinguished scholars.

Fulfilment of the coursework component (a study module) of the individual plan is completed by passing the scheduled examinations (4 – 6, each concluding a one-semester course, as recommended by the supervisor and the Subject Area Board), and by presenting and defending a specialised study (written report) on the current state of the art of the problem. Also, if necessary, up to two courses listed in the accredited Master Programme can be included in the individual plan to remove deficiencies. Finally, the student is eligible to apply for admission to the comprehensive State Doctoral Examination to demonstrate a high level of competence and specialised theoretical knowledge of research techniques and skills, and the ability to acquire new scholarly knowledge and apply it in a creative way. This examination is conducted by the State Doctoral Examination Board (in Czech “Komise pro státní doktorskou zkoušku”). Successful completion of this examination is a prerequisite for the presentation and defence of the dissertation (doctoral thesis), presenting the solution of a specific scientific problem or a published or ready-to-be-published paper or file of papers. The doctoral thesis must represent a new significant contribution to the body of knowledge. The dissertation results are presented to and defended before the Board for the Defence of Doctoral Dissertation (in Czech “Komise pro obhajobu dizertační práce”); the session is open to the public. A single application for readmission is allowed in the case of failure in the state examination or an unsuccessful presentation and defence of the doctoral thesis.

Doctoral studies can be prematurely ended by the student based on a written application. Long-term neglect of responsibilities renders a student liable for dismissal from the University through the decision of the Dean or Director/Head of the respective institute.

Student aid

There are PhD scholarships available to students studying in English which cover their tution fee and contribute towards their living expenses. 

A bursary (scholarship) is awarded to all full-time doctoral students to provide them with some financial aid. This bursary is payable for the standard length of the programme (i.e. four years) and consists of 2 parts

  • The mandatory component, the amount of which is set by the University and paid monthly throughout the academic year;
  • The non-mandatory component, awarded for outstanding academic performance and for active involvement in research and teaching activities at the respective department or institute.

Full-time doctoral students of the CTU not residing in Prague may be accommodated in a university hall of residence (dormitory) and take their meals in student cafeterias.

Branches of Doctoral Programme

Admission Procedure

Recognition of PhD Diploma

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