Information on the topics for doctoral dissertations offered for individual study fields may be found on their respective web pages or web pages of the departments given below. It is advisable first to address the potential supervisor by an e-mail to discuss in more detail the idea of the topic offered and chosen. Functioning communication between the student and the supervisor is a necessary condition for successful participation in the doctoral programme, because – among others – it is the supervisor's right to veto the admission of an applicant to work on the topic they have offered.

It is also admissible to approach academics at respective departments (i.e. Professors, docents (associate professors)), and experts with a non-habilitated status approved by the Scientific Board, request them to be a student's potential supervisor and address them with a topic of student's own choice. On the discussion of the topic of choice with the supervisor and approval by the Board of Branch Experts, it is the possibility to declare the admission procedure to the doctoral programme open.

Offer of topics of doctoral dissertations

Applied Informatics

High Temperature Plasma Physics and Thermonuclear Fusion

Mathematical Engineering

Nuclear Engineering

Nuclear Safety, Security and Forensics

Nuclear Chemistry

Physical Engineering

Quantum Technologies

Radiological Physics

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