We would like to invite you to the Atrium on 26 March at 14:00 for a lecture How can technology assessment support the healthy development of a European QT ecosystem? by Zeki Can Seskir from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

Abstract: The development of a thriving European QT ecosystem is crucial for the advancement of quantum technologies (QT) and their potential benefits to society. Technology assessment (TA) can play a pivotal role in supporting this development by providing comprehensive and rigorous evaluations of emerging QT technologies. TA can inform decision-making processes, identify potential risks and opportunities, and promote responsible innovation in the QT field. This presentation will explore how TA can support the healthy development of the European QT ecosystem. We will discuss the key objectives of TA in the context of QT, the methodologies used for TA, and the specific contributions that TA can make to QT policy, regulation, and research. We will also introduce case studies of already ongoing TA efforts in the QT domain. By understanding the potential role of TA in the QT ecosystem we can better harness its potential to support the development of safe, reliable, and beneficial QT for Europe and beyond.

Keywords: Technology assessment, quantum technologies, European QT ecosystem, responsible innovation

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