Program abbreviation: HTPTF
Program code:
Course duration: 4 years

Research field characteristics

The programme integrates a wide range of scientific and engineering knowledge focused on advanced parts of plasma physics and related technologies. The challenge of mastering the controlled thermonuclear fusion is emphasised in the programme. The programme steers students to application of their acquired expertise to scientific and engineering practice, in combination with application of up to date computer modelling. Its international character is safeguarded by the agreement on the joint programme with the Belgian Ghent University. The agreement fosters contact with excellent European research teams, strong mobility and cooperation with Czech students who may be registered in the national version of this joint programme.

The studies and doctoral training has three pillars: Theory, experimental physics and development of engineering technologies. Students are motivated to master basics of each of the three pillars, irrespective of their previous knowledge that should cover Applied Physics or Engineering Master programmes. In other words, a master degree in Plasma Physics and Fusion is not required so that the programme is suitable for engineering specialists. The programme encourages independent work with research publications, computer models and hi-tech instrumentation. Access to a new laboratory PlasmaLab@CTU shall further support this approach. Besides, a special attention is paid to nuclear issues in development of fusion reactors. Doctoral students enjoy relatively important freedom in their selection of optional courses, which should be linked to their dissertation topics. Last but not least, the partner the Ghent University shall organise an internship with a minimal duration of 6 months.

The doctoral programme is aimed at deepening of the knowledge and validation of skills that present a necessary condition to develop ability to perform a highly qualified individual and team work in the field of research and development of applications of high temperature plasmas as well as the related technological equipment. The programme underlines significant European dimension of the research in this field.

Graduate's profile

The graduates of this joint programme will receive both Ghent and CTU diplomas and their employment is foreseen in highly professional roles of creative researchers and engineers. The graduates enjoy a detailed overview of challenges of high temperature plasma applications, in particular in thermonuclear projects such as ITER. The programme also presents combination of profound theoretical basics with broad international dimension and interdisciplinary approach and offers experience with both individual and team work in a realistic international environment. Due to a significant share of engineering and hands-on work, the graduates will be able to find employment also beyond R&D institutes, in particular in high-tech industries.

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Department of Physics
Department of Physical Electronics
Department of Materials

Guarantor of the Ghent University:
prof. Geert Verdoolaege

Department of Applied Physics, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture

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