Research field abbreviation: JCH
Field code: 1408V001
Course duration: 4 years

Research field characteristics

The Doctoral Programme in Nuclear Chemistry is intended for graduates of chemistry disciplines of the master course to extend their knowledge especially of radiochemistry. In its present form, radiochemistry comprises both an extensive basic and applied research monitoring chemical and physico-chemical aspects of nuclear transformations, as well as methods using radionuclides to tackle chemical problems of a general nature. Radiation chemistry studying chemical reactions initiated or influenced by the absorption of radiation in both animate and inanimate material environment and their possible uses is also part of this branch of science. Significant attention is paid to methods for separation of radionuclides, nuclear-chemical technologies for processing and storage of radioactive waste, occurrence and behaviour of radioactive contaminants in the environment and uses of nuclear methods in chemical analysis of the environment. Radiopharmaceutical chemistry and nuclear chemistry applications in biology and medicine are a dynamically developing region; recently, attention is being paid to the chemical issues of decommissioning nuclear installations, in particular nuclear power plants. However, also doctoral theses concerning non-nuclear issues can be defended within this field, such as trace analysis, behaviour of materials at very low concentrations, and quantum-chemical problems.

Graduate's profile

PhD graduates in Nuclear Chemistry are well-equipped with the requisite skills and knowledge of nuclear chemistry and at least one other chemistry, discipline, e.g. physical, analytical, and/or organic chemistry or biochemistry. These skills and knowledge are a prerequisite for successful handling of both theoretical and practical problems of the respective chemical disciplines, especially with the use of nuclear and chemical methods in basic and applied research, in industry, power engineering, health care and environmental protection. High professional competence and adaptability also qualifies the graduates for managerial positions in research teams or other responsible professional and administrative positions in research institutes, universities, biochemical and pharmaceutical institutions, nuclear facilities, nuclear power plants, etc.


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Department of Nuclear Chemistry

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