Courses offered by the Department are firmly anchored in general foundations of mathematics and physics, upon which higher advanced courses can develop knowledge of solid state physics, applied mechanics, fracture mechanics as well as other physical and mathematical disciplines. Considerable emphasis is placed on training in experimental methods for studying properties of materials. Students also acquire knowledge and skills needed for creative use of computer technology. The professional profile of future graduates is based on early involvement in solving research problems for the Department and research institutions.

The Department of Materials is responsible for the following Bachelor Programme course

Continuation Master Programme course

and Doctoral Programme course


Science and Research

Scientific and research activities of the Department in fundamental research and research in cooperation with industry arise from a complex approach towards the study of fatigue properties of bodies and structures, comprising physical and metallurgical aspects, application of fracture mechanics, mathematical modelling of stress and strain fields, research of fatigue processes in micro-volumes and probabilistic approach towards the study of systems reliability. Part of the department is also the fractography laboratory workplace with the prestigious status of being the authorised testing facility for the Czech aviation industry and research.


Cooperation with Institutions

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DMAT in Images

Laboratory A body with a crack A crack in a plane wing A crack in turbine Breakage of different materials 


Trojanova 13
Praha 2
120 01

tel.: +420 778 534 366

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Head of Department

doc. Ing. Aleš Materna, Ph.D.

Deputy Head of Department

prof. Ing. Jiří Kunz, CSc.

Department secretary

Ing. Jaroslav Čech, Ph.D.

Department assistant

Helena Knoppová

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