The study programme is based on solid foundations in mathematics and other theoretically oriented courses including the basics of economics, marketing, management, physics, two foreign languages, and law. Emphasis is put on a broad spectrum of “computer” disciplines, starting from the basics programming and algorithms through programming languages Delphi, C++, Java, SQL databases, to modern programming techniques. Programming of internet applications is also included. The future graduates are trained for specialized occupational assignments not only as ordinary programmers or network administrators but rather as project managers, IT departments managers, etc. The basics of law will enable them to orientate themselves as entrepreneurs in our system of legislation.

Department is responsible for courses in the finishing Bachelor field of study

and the finishing Continuation Masters field of study

and the Doctoral Studies field of study


Science and Research

One of the international cooperation engagements, of our Departments members as well as of students, is software support of COMPASS physical experiment in CERN. Members of this team are responsible for the smooth running of one of the largest database systems, which must be able to process real-time data of 5 GB/s (i.e. 1 DVD per second), store them, and provide them to the experimentalists in a sorted form. Another research objective of the Department is an early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, which would contribute to timely medication and thereby reduce disease symptoms and rate of degeneration of the human brain. In addition, the Department is also focused on computer 3D brain image analysis from PET, SPECT or MRI and its evaluation to better understand the data obtained.


Cooperation with Institutions

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DSE in Images

Scheme of software for one of the CERN experiments FPGA modules COMPASS experiment remote control COMPASS experiment server Arduino Fractal


Trojanova 13
Praha 2
120 01

Tel.: +420 770 128 147

Pohraniční 1
Děčín I
405 01

Tel.: +420 778 548 202

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Head of Department

doc. Ing. Radek Fučík, Ph.D.

Deputy Head of Department

Mgr. Dana Majerová, Ph.D.

Department Assistant

Barbora Ambrosová
Dana Landovská

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